Meet Qubius

Soundproof office booth for calls, rest and productive work

Qubius Cabine

Need to call or skype in calm

You won't disturb anyone as well as you won't be disturbed by anyone

Need a confidential conversation

You can discuss money with customers or shopping list with your wife

Need to concentrate for a while

Take your laptop and work hard in Qubius – it's comfortable and productive

Need for a 5 minutes rest

You can relax, drink coffee, meditate or take a nap in Qubius

Qubius is always at your side

Open office is like a highway


The noise in open space is like on highway. Intellectual work requires less than 50 db


Of employees in open space suffer from visual and loud noises in the office


Of working day people in open space office waste to concentrate on tasks


Priority for people in office is concentration on work to increase productivity

Calculate how much this noise costs for you

Your company loses annually because of
the noise in office
You can save up to 50% with Qubius


We have an office without private rooms for a company of over 100 people. We have only two meeting zones, but they are too big for one person and always in high demand for teams. So we bought Qubius that perfectly allows to have a video-conference or make confidential calls to investors. We can move them in the office if it is necessary.
Sergey Koshevoy, CEO of Planyway
Sergey Koshevoy
CEO of Planyway
Siberian Hi-Tech Center
Rubius Academy

Tech Specs

In Qubius we combine engineering innovations, own technologies, and eco-design for efficient and comfortable working environment


Smart Electronics

The intelligent system knows when you are in and turns on the ventilation

Stained glass door

Hide from the bright office light behind the tinted glass door 8 mm thick

All-purpose Media Port

Charge your gadgets and connect to the web while you work with power outlets,
LAN- and USB-ports

Powerful silent fans

Breathe fresh air – two fans completely renew the air every 36 seconds

Dimming LED-light

Tune brightness of the light with one-touch, while you work with papers

Reinforced soundproofing

A specially designed panel of 7 layers absorbs up to 32 db of noise

Compact table

Take your laptop and a cup of coffee into the booth. It fit perfectly on the table

Ergonomic Chair

Sit on a chair made of hypoallergenic eco-skin. Use a reliable steel mechanism to adjust chair

Assembly in one hour Assembly in one hour
Clear Ergonomics Clear Ergonomics
Eco-frendly design Eco-frendly design